About Elysian Farm

Elysian Farm is a council approved Multiple Occupancy property in the Lismore Shire Council area of the Northern Rivers. The 240 acre property is owned by our company (Drulcope Pty Ltd) and council approval is held for 12 individual sites on the property (each site approx. 3-5 acres.) We have one site for our community building plus eleven house sites. The property was first approved for multiple-occupancy in 1977 and the Elysian Farm community has evolved since then.

Our house sites

Drulcope Pty Ltd has issued an exclusive-use lease to each individual house-site owner. We do not own the land as such but we do own the improvements (the house etc.). This is considered to be lease-hold land. As you do not own the freehold title over the land, you are unable to mortgage the land to raise finance from a bank. To buy a share in our community you need to pay cash, or have the means to raise the finance independently.

Our work days

In addition to caring for our own sites, we must collectively maintain and manage the communal areas of the property. We have monthly work days (held on the 2nd Saturday monthly) and finish with a well-deserved BBQ lunch.

Our meetings

As shareholders and directors of Drulcope Pty Ltd, we must comply with company rules as defined by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). To do this we hold bi-monthly directors meetings and an annual general meeting each July. These meetings are held on the 1st Saturday in the months they are scheduled.

Sharing the work around

Each of the community members has responsibility for one or more jobs on the property. These include fire, road, fencing, secretary, treasurer, workday, weeds & water. We divide up these responsibilities each year at our AGM.

Fire management

Cattle are run on the property as part of our fire management plan. There is only one main access road into Elysian Farm so we have strong community fire protection awareness.

Our water supply

We have a permanent spring fed dam on the property. We enjoy water infrastructure that is a legacy of current and previous community members. Water is pumped to header tanks which are connected to each house site on the property. A monthly pumping roster shares the pumping job around. Most home sites have rainwater tanks for household drinking water supply.

About the land

The property is a mix of residential, farming and conservation areas at a high elevation of approximately 400m above sea level. The forested areas are varied in type with large areas of rainforest/ wet sclerophyll combinations and drier eucalypt forest on the eastern and northern slopes. The community has applied for, and been successfully in obtaining grant funding in recent years, for several bush regeneration projects.


Sustainable living principles are a common thread which ties the community together. We all rely on stand-alone solar and wind energy as there is no mains power supply up in the mountain range.

Mulvena Road

Access to Elysian Farm is approx. 4km’s up Mulvena Road which is a rough bush track. It is not a 4WD track but low clearance vehicles should take care. We request that all visitors to Elysian Farm please respect our privacy. Any individuals wishing to inspect homes for sale on the property must be accompanied by an authorised Real Estate Agent.

Around Larnook

The nearest towns are Lismore, Kyogle and Nimbin. The nearest primary school is Larnook Public School. The nearest shop is Cawongla General Store.

No cats and dogs

The Mackellar Range has extraordinary biodiversity and a large variety of local flora and fauna including wallabies, paddymelons, bandicoots & koalas. In order to protect the animals living here, we have a ‘no cats and dogs’ policy on Elysian Farm.

The good, the bad, and the ugly – MO’s

The good

  • Low purchase prices
  • Beautiful bush living
  • Living among like-minded people
  • Quality soil
  • Adequate water
  • Biodiversity
  • Peaceful lifestyle
  • Flora and fauna
  • Inexpensive ongoing costs (weekly levies to cover property expenses)

The bad

  • Contentious issues (Not everyone agrees on everything all the time – problem solving can be stressful and time-consuming)
  • Poor access to services
  • Ticks, leeches, march flies, spiders, snakes and others
  • Leasehold land means you can’t mortgage the land to borrow money to buy in. You need cash to purchase or other assets to mortgage.
  • Constructing and maintaining barbed wire fences

The ugly

  • Cane toads
  • Weeds
  • Extreme weather events

Is this lifestyle for you?

Do you get along well in your local community?

Do you like spending time in the bush?

Are you fit and active?

Could you live amongst the critters of the bush?

Do you seek a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle?





5 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Kimlaqua Tui says:

    love the web page. Kimberley.

  2. Steve at Jiggi says:

    Hi, Have you had any troubles with Fair trading on owner builder approvals Thanks Steve

  3. Melanie Weaver says:

    I have been looking for a share in a commu ity for some time. I live in the bush in a schoolbus in Qld currently. I have 2 kids who i homeschool and i am a keen gardener. I have lived in the bush all my life and i know what that involves i have a great community up hers but the land is unaffordable and i love the Larnook area.
    If any shares come up for sale please contact me.

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